the flight

Everyone can fly?

Everyone can make a tandem flight. There is no need to have experience nor training.
The only physical effort you need to make is a small run at the take off and when landing.
The tandem flight in paragliding is an exciting experience, quiet and reassuring, so it is suitable for all those who want to fulfill their dream to fly freely in contact with the air.

When and where can you fly?

We fly in the skies of Laveno (Varese), on the shore of Lake Maggiore, reachable by the highway from Milan, a few minutes from Varese. The meeting point is in Laveno Mombello.

Our clubhouse is easily recognizable by the red stylized paragliding, and nearby there is the landing area.
From there we take the shuttle service (included in the price) to reach the take-off which is on the top of Mountain Nudo.
The passenger will be trained to take-off with a short briefing, given by the pilot himself, and then the adventure begins. Once taken off, from there above, you will enjoy a breathtaking view with all the lakes in the area, the mountains under your feet and the clouds around you.

The tandem flight can be made at any time of year, on any day of the week, of course, if the weather conditions permit to fly. Contact us by phone a few days in advance in order to make the necessary arrangements with the pilot and to choose the best days to fly.

You can make group flights at the same time with your friends, this makes the experience even more exciting, and with our fly-cam we can make a total custom video of your flight to make this experience even more memorable.

…what is needed:

- Comfortable and protective clothing depending on the season cold/warm
- Robust shoes, preferably trekking boots
- Good physical and mental health status

…what is suggested:

- sunglasses
- wind jacket
- microSD card or USB pen-drive 8Gb to have the source file of your video

The flight Helmet and the fly-cam to record the flight will be provided by the instructor pilot

- Age limit: none, but for children it is compulsory to have at least one parent who assists.
- Experience: no, your guide will take care of everything, you do not need experience or be superheroes because anyone can try tandem flights and have fun.


Useful Tips

- Don’t fly with an empty stomach. A light and dry breakfast helps to prevent eventual nausea, if you are very sensitive, you might consider taking a chewing gum
- Come at the landing area well rested. A flight after a night of partying is not the ideal condition to face this great adventure