weFly - tandem parapendio Laveno Varese

Absolutely not.
Your pilot will take care of everything, including a small training for the basic knowledge in order to prepare you for the flight.
You can safely enjoy the flight while sitting in a harness (just as in a chair) and you’ll have your hands free so that you can film or take pictures … remember to bring your camera!

You can fly throughout the entire year and each day of the week, weather permitting.
In winter, the days are shorter, and the best time to fly is around 12 o’clock. The best time for a tandem flight is between April and October.
In the summer mornings you can start to take off already with the first breeze, around 9:30 and, if the weather allows it, you can fly till more or less 20.00 in the evening.

No, however it is important to have sturdy shoes (trekking/hiking type) and at least a windproof jacket with also in summer. We recommend also to bring gloves and sunglasses, the helmet will be provided by us.

No, there is no particular limit of age, it is important to be in good mental and physical health, even if the flight does not demand any physical effort.
You can fly from 9 years (with the presence of a parent) up to 100. For now, the record of the oldest person brought in a Tandem flight belongs to a gentleman of 87 years old, so as they say: “As long as there is life …”

The duration of a flight depends on the weather conditions and the hour in which you take off.
If you fly in the morning or late in the afternoon, you make an absolutely quiet and relaxing glide which can last 15 minutes.
If you take off in the middle of the day, the sunniest part of the day, there are conditions which allow you to stay in the air for a longer time, the flight will be a little more lively and the flight might last also 30 minutes.

Of course, I tell you more ….. normally, when the weather conditions are really smooth, your instructor will give you the commands and teaches you the classical maneuvers used for piloting a paraglider. You will discover how easy and intuitive is it to fly even without any kind of preparation.

Of course you can fly! Fear of heights, Vertigo, are caused when your eyes tell you that you
are in an empty space while your feet are standing firmly on the ground.
When you practice paragliding you do not have your feet on the ground and consequently you do not suffer from vertigo.

No, paragliding is nota n extreme sport, when practiced correctly, respecting the rules and when common sense is used. If practiced in ideal weather conditions, it is absolutely not demanding, and the danger is zero.